Master of Music,  Piano Performance, Boise State University  

B.A.  Performance, University of Mary  

B.S. Music Education, University of Mary  

Adjunct Faculty, University of Mary,  

Bismarck State College and Dickinson State University  

Member of Bismarck-Mandan  Music Teachers Association  

And Music Teachers National Association  



Phone: 701-226-2280  

Email: mjlanger@gmail.com 

Home address: 513 Macon Dr., Bismarck, ND 58504  

www. youtube.com  search "Michael Langer piano"  





Tuition is a flat rate of $ 1 1 0  per month for weekly 30 - minute lessons.   The  monthly fee is due in advance by the first lesson of the month. Cash is acceptable. Checks can be made payable to Michael Langer.  






Lessons will be held at my home s t udio  at 513 M acon  Dr.  in Bismarck. Please arrive at least five  minutes early to allow your child to start immediately at their scheduled time. You are welcome to wait in or outside my home studio  or  return at the end of the lesson to  pick up your child. If you do leave, please do not be late to pick up your child.   Please contact  me with any scheduling or other business items you may like to discuss outside of your child’s lesson time , and anyone else's lesson time. Potentially, lessons could be held at the University of Mary in the Claremont Center for Performing Arts in my teaching studio, room C224.  




The Fall semester  will run from September 1 to December 21. There will be no lessons on the following holidays.  

Labor Day  



There will be no lessons from December 22-January 1.  

The Spring semester  will run from January 2 to May 31 . There will be no lessons on the following holidays.  

Easter   Monday  

Memorial Day  




If I am unable to give a lesson at your scheduled time, I will contact  you and try to reschedule. If a make-up lesson time cannot be found, I can   credit you the cost of that lesson to the next month. If you are unable to make it to a regular scheduled lesson, please call me and try to reschedule. Rescheduling must be done at least 24 hours previous to a lesson; if not, the lesson will not be refunded.  




In the event of cancellation of piano lessons, notice must be given no later than 30 days in advance of the final lesson. If notice is not given  30 days in advance , tuition will be due for the next 30 days  following the date that notice is given, i.e. if you tell me you plan to quit lessons in two weeks, tuition will be due for an additional two weeks following the final lesson. W hy is this? W hen you quit, I have to find a student to fill your time slot, and that can take several weeks.  

In the case of illness that is contagious, lesson attendance should be avoided. I am not interested in sharing your child’s germs, and neither are the rest of my students. If I am sick I will cancel lessons. If possible, I will make them up at a later date. Skype can be an option in the case of inclement  weather or if a student needs to stay home but is not too ill to participate in a lesson.    


Summer Lessons  


Continuing lessons or scheduling   less frequent lessons during the summer months are  option s  and can be very beneficial. This s chedule can be  flexible to suit the individual needs  and schedule  of the student . Three to four lessons per month is the same monthly rate of $ 1 1 0 . One to t wo lessons a month will be charged half price at $ 5 5 . The summer term runs from June 1-August 31.  




"Only practice on the days you eat."  


Playing piano is a  skill that t akes time and effort to develop. Your child  should have a regular, non-interrupted daily practice ti me on a good quality,   tune d   piano . I can make recommendati ons of piano tuners if needed . A digital piano is acceptable for beginners only;  however, if a student plans to advance in pia no, an acoustic piano is a n absolute   necessity. I can make recommendations on purchasing quality and affordable pianos. Students are encouraged to keep a practice record  in their assignment notebook. I expect  that each student practice 15-20 mi nutes a day for beginners, and  a t least a  full hour a day for intermediate to advanced students .  

I recommend   that parents of beginning  students   monitor  your child after each new lesson to listen to them play and to make sure they are practicing ALL of their assigned material. I will keep a record o f their weekly assignment in their music journal. Your support at  home includes  encouragement, praise, and discipline when needed . This  will help the beginning student immensely.  Some students may need more encouragement than others. ALL students will have day they don't want to practice. Someday they will thank you for making them practice.  

If a student shows signs that they are not practicing at home then I will contact the parent to assess the situation and help create a solution.  If the problem persists,  this may be grounds for dismissal  from the studio.  




Music books and other materials can be purchased at J.W. Pepper  a t 1655 N. Grandview Ln. in Bismarck  (phone: 221-9115 ). I will let you know in advance when your child  needs new books.   I commonly  pick up and pur chase books myself, and can be  reimburse d when the next month’s tuition is due. Festival and competition entry fees can also be reimbursed to me.  




Dress Attire: Students should dress formally. Bl ack and white is preferred. It’s good to test out the clothing at your piano at home to make sure it's com fortable to play in.  
    Boys: Dress shoes, dress pants, shirt and tie and/or vest , jacket .  
    Girls: D ress pants, d resse s or skirts .   Everything   should be modest and   knee-length  or longer . Shoes need to be comfortable and make it easy to use the piano pedals.  These especially should be tried out at home.  





Fall/Christmas Recital  

Sunday, November 18 at 4:00 , Bismarck  Public Library  

Winter Festival Recital    

TBA ( Sunday, late January or early February)  

T MC Piano Festival Solo/Ensemble  

Friday -Saturday, February 8 - 9 , U niversity  of Mary , Clairmont Center for Performing Arts  

Piano Festival Concertos  / makeups    

Fr iday-Saturday, March   8 - 9 , Bismarck Public Library    

Spring Piano Recital  

TBA, Sunday in   late May  or early June ,   Bismarck Public Library    



Belle Mehus Piano Scholarship Competition  

Application Deadline February 6  

Auditions Sunday, February  11 , Bismarck Public Library  

Grades 6-11. $200    

Greg Slag Scholarship Competition  

Application Deadline February 6    

Auditions Monday evening, late February, Bismarck Public Library    

Only for Seniors planning to major in music  in college . $500  

BMMTA Scholarship Competition  

Saturday morning, April   6 , Bismarck Public Library.  $200  

TMC International Music Camp Scholarship Competition  

Application with recording (no live audition) due by April   3  

Grades 6-11.  $150    

NDMTA Poppler’s  Music Piano Competition  

Application Deadline May  20  


Wednesday, June 1 2 , Grand Forks  

MTNA Competitions  

Application due mid September  

State Division : Late October , Valley City  

West Central Division:  early January (different state every year)  

N ationals: late March, Spokane, WA   ( different city every year)    




B ismarck S tate C ollege  lessons  

Students who have completed their Freshman year and older are eligible and encouraged to take private piano lessons through BSC. High school students who register for this course are considered “early entry” students at BSC. The cost is around $200 per semester. You have an option of 30-minute or 60-minute lessons once a week and you receive a minimum of 10 lessons per semester. You will receive one humanities credit per semester which will be applied to your college transcript. There is no limit to the amount of semesters you register. This is still just a private lesson, so the schedule is flexible and is typically during my normal evening teaching hours. If the student has a free hour during the day it may be possible to schedule during the day.    



I’m more than happy to answer any questions you m ay have concerning this studio policy  or my teaching procedure. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns. I’m looking forward to working with you and your child!  




Updated August  2018